If you are facing any of these problems then your bad hair days are over 😁😁
Do you have rough hair?🧐
Are they damaged?🤨
Have heating tools and hair dyes made your hair lifeless?😒
Do you want to get rid of dandruff ASAP?
Do you want shiny hair?🤔
Do you want your scalp to be moisturised and healthy?
🥳🥳If yess, then all you need is:
🥛Plain Yogurt (1 Cup) (if yogurt doesn’t suit your hair then you can substitute it with coconut milk)
🍋Lemon (1 tbsp)
🍶Mayo (1/3 cup)
🍃☘️🌿Zarr Elixir HairOil (4 tbsp) (you can use olive/coconut oil as well)
🥣Mix all of these ingredients together and form a paste. Layer the mask all over your hair, root to tip and then cover your hair with a towel. Wash it after 40 minutes with a mild shampoo. ✔️
•Incorporating all the ingredients will nourish your hair back to its most healthy looking hydrating state
•Your hair can fetch maximum benefits if you let it sit on your hair for 40 minutes
•Balances PH
•This Hair Mask works effectively for all hair types
•Makes your hair more manageable
•Soothes your scalp
•Dandruff won’t be your bestfriend any longer
•Creates maximum moisture for your hair.

•Makes your hair shiny and smooth

Hope this helped you guys!