❗️Fact or Fiction❗️

While growing up & till now we all have heard different old wives tales about HairCare which were even followed back by our mothers & grandmothers.
When I started growing my hair & looked after them, I realised that some of the “facts” that were told by our olders were merely notions as they were not helping my hair get better & healthier.
After seeing how much everyone battles with their relation with hair, I decided to iron out the facts from fictions & let you guys know about them too!

▪️Fiction: Braids make hair grow. ❌
Braiding doesn’t help hair grow!!
▪️Fact: Dandruff causes Hairloss. ✅
Dandruff is the most common scalp condition, the white flakes which appear on the scalp are made of dead cells that result in itching & vigorous scratching ultimately leads to hairfall.
▪️Fiction: For ever grey hair you pluck out another two will grow in its place. ❌
This is an absolute myth because what you do to one follicle doesn’t affect its neighbours
▪️Fact: Being extremely stressed out can make your hair fall out. ✅
▪️Fiction: Dyeing your hair leaves them Dry & Brittle ❌
It’s all about using the right products the right way. Excessive use of anything can be harmful to us. Avoid over-processing & excessive chemical experiments with hair!
▪️Fact: Rubbing your hair with towel when they’re wet cause damage to them ✅
Wet hair is more likely to break and rubbing them with a towel can rough up the cuticle.
▪️Fiction: Colouring your hair lead to premature greys. ❌
Grey hair has nothing to do with your dye. Grey hair is hereditary and can be a result of large amount of stress.
▪️Fact: If you have dyed your hair, you should use colour protecting Hair Shampoo & Conditioner. ✅
Always use colour specific products after dyeing your hair as they will protect both the hair & colour. ▪️ Fiction: Keratin Treatment and Extenso are not damaging at all. ❌
Everyone, please be careful when opting for such treatments as they’re very damaging for hair leaving your hair rough and dull. Hairfall is the most common side effect of these treatments!

How many of you agree with these facts and fictions?