Q) Can your products be used by men?
Yes, Our products are unisex. They can be used by both males and females!

Q) How long does it take it see the desired results after using your  hair oils?
We suggest to use our Zarr Elixir Hair Oil for atleast 2 months along with a healthy hair care routine to notice major results.

Q) How can we place order?
You can place your order by clicking the ”add to cart” option from our website. You can place your order by sending us a DM on our instagram page: “zarpashhairsolutions”

Q) Do you do International Shipping?
We are very sorry we don’t for now, but we’ll soon be doing international shipping.

Q) How long does it take for the product to be delivered?
Our delivery takes 3-5 business days nationwide after your order is confirmed. The delivery time of all orders may vary depending on safety conditions,weather and official holidays.

Q) What are the payment methods to buy your products?
We accept payment through debit/credit card. You can use cash on delivery option as well (COD only available in Pakistan)

Q)Do your products have any kind of side effects?
No, our products are 100% organic and natural. Our products are free of chemicals that can cause any kind of damage to your hair and scalp. We are proud to say that our products are formulated with high quality ingredients.

Q) Are your products cruelty free?
Yes, Absolutely.

Q)What are the benefits of Zarr Elixir Hair Oil & How do I use it?
Zarr Elixir Hair Oil has a unique formula made of ingredients that strengthens the strands of hair increasing its shine, helps in rough ends and nourishes the texture of hair. You can massage the Zarr Elixir Hair Oil in your scalp and let it sit on your hair for 6-8 hours. Use it twice a week.

Q)How can I track my order?
You will receive an email/text when your order has been processed. The text message/email will have the tracking details of your order.

Q)What is the quantity of Zarr Elixir, Lavender & Berries oil and Hair Haven Shampoo the bottle?
Zarr Elixir is 250 ML, Lavender & Berries is 150 ML, Hair Haven Shampoo is 200 ML.

Q)Which product of yours is your Best Seller?
Currently, it’s our Lavender & Berries Hair Oil

Q)How to use Hair Haven Shampoo & what are its benefits?
Squirt a small amount and apply it on your hair. Our Hair Haven shampoo is for dandruff, controlling hair fall and adds shine to your hair. Its 5.8 PH helps to maintain the bonds in your hair and prevents hair frizz.