Yes, you read it right. I am sure we all have heard from alot of people how beneficial vaseline is for growth of eyelashes but no one really talked about its potential in growing our hair too! I personally use vaseline on my face and hair and it has done some miracles!
Here’s how to make this pack in 2 simple steps:
🤠First of all warm the Vaseline by using the double boiler technique

🤠Mix the melted vaseline with vitamin e capsule and any carrier oil (you can use coconut oil preferably)

🤠Very gently massage it on your scalp and let it sit on your hair for a few hours and then rinse it! 

🤠Washing away the vaseline from your hair might take a bit longer than usual so be patient 😙

This pack helps in hydrating your hair, reduces breakage, elimates split ends, helps in growth & gives a GLOW 🌟to your hair! 

I’m sure many of you’re surprised to know that vaseline can actually play a part in hair growth!