In order to have thick voluminous hair, the first step you’ll need to take is to develop a healthy lifestyle and follow up with a proper haircare plan. 😌😌

Nowadays, in this crazy busy schedule of our lives we tend to ignore our hair and whenever we pay attention to maintain them we look for shortcuts to maintain them but no matter what consistency is very important when it comes to haircare and their maintenance ‼️

Below i’ll be sharing a few DIY’S which I personallyy use and are amazing for you hair! They are VERY INEXPENSIVE and easily available 🤗🤗 p.s MEN can apply these DIY’s as well

Mix Rosemary oil with any carrier oil and apply it on your hair for 3,4 hours!
Why rosemary?
Rosemary prevents hairshedding,
prevents greying of hair and prevents dry scalp!

Mix honey, aloevera gel & coconut oil to get rid of thin and weak hair. Make sure you rub it on your scalp!! (If you’re alergic to aloevera add 1 tbsp of glycerin)
Why use Aloeveragel, honey and coconut oil altogether?
🎍Aloevera hydrates your scalp, and makes your hair healthy and stronger!🍯Honey conditions your hair, gives life to your hair and prevents your hair from breakage,🥥 Coconut oil penetrates into your scalp and gives all the nutrients to your hair and scalp and makes each strand of your hair thicker!!

Egg oil is the most effective way of getting rid of weak and thin hair and combats dandruff too!!
Why eggoil?
Eggs have a large amount of protein which gives our hair intense protein treatment and makes them stronger!

Hope you all found this helpful!