4 reasons why you should use this Magical Potion


Firstly i would like to briefly introduce our new hair oil launching tomorrow. It’s made from lavender, gooseberries, soapberries, olive and argan oil.  Using this hair oil twice every week will change your hair game forever as this hair oil has countless benefits!


This hairoil serves as a multitasker! As it has the most effective ingredients for your hair, it eliminates most of your hair problems. This combo replenishes, nourishes your hair and increases the tensile strength of your hair. This hairoil potion also enhances your haircolour. Gooseberry protects your hair from photodamage and heat as gooseberry contains tanins. What else are you looking for? 🤔🤔


If our hair scalp is too dry or too oily it can cause a imbalance and can weaken your hair which accelerates hairfall. The antimicrobial & antiseptic properties of lavender & soapberries  helps in fighting common scalp issues like dandruff and scalp infections and balances your scalp PH. It also helps in prevention from lice and makes your hair hydrated. Lavender being hallowed with essential nutrients & antimicrobial properties helps in collagen formation. 


Gooseberry is a potent inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase which puts a halt to hairfall. Gooseberry along with argan oil amplifies hairgrowth due its antibacterial properties. Antibacterial properties trigger blood circulation which boosts hairgrowth. Gooseberry has very high content of vitamin C. Vit C fights with free radicals that causes oxidative stress. 


Vitamin A,D,E present in soapberries and  impact shine to your hair and makes them smooth. Lavender,Soapberries and Olive Oil as a team tames your dry & frizzy hair making them more manageable.