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💙 The Blue Bottle:
The Blue Bottle is specifically made for hair and helps in hair growth. I have been using these for almost a year now and these vitamins have improved my hair growth and reduced my hairfall massively. The hair supplements works out on all of us differently so before buying them do go through the ingredients list! I have reviewed these before too but due to high request i decided to review it again along with the Pink bottle.

🐻The sugar bears are extremely delicious!
🐻These are Halal
🐻These are Gelatin & Gluten free
🐻Men can use it too
🐻You can take 2 bears everyday
🐻They are chewable and are super soft
🐻You can notice a difference in your hair after 4-6 weeks!
🐻You can quit using them once you get desired results
🐻They won’t affect your facial or body hair
🐻One bottle contains 60 gummy bears

The Pink Bottle:
The Pink Bottle is made for women and helps us have those vitamins which we maybe missing in our daily diets and is designed for better skin, better health and boosts energy!
Well, these vitamins did not suit me at all and I faced few side effects, I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone, it might suit some of you but it might not suit others. Here’s the review!
🐻These are chewy and soft
🐻They are tasty but not as tasty as the blue bottle one’s
🐻After having these vitamins my skin went through a crazy breakout rollercoaster
🐻I used to feel very dizzy after having the gummy bears from the pink bottle
🐻I used these for 2 weeks only, they did not suit me so I stopped using them
🐻These also contain 60 bears per bottle

Each bottle is for PKR 6000