How to have a speedy Hair Growth using our Zarr Elixir Hair Oil!!

I think we all have been through a phase where’ve damaged our hair to the point where there’s no coming back or getting them chopped and not being able to grow them again.
Using this product and method you’ll grow 2 inches of your hair in 2 weeks or maybe more depending on your body – HERE’S HOW & WHY!
All you need is ZARR ELIXIR HAIROIL!! Use this product twice a week and target your scalp. Massage your scalp for 10-12 minutes. Leave this HairOil for 3 hours minimum and let your scalp absorb all the nutrients contents from the oil.

THE IMPORTANT TIP: Flip your hair over and your head is hanging upside down. This technique is called the INVERSION METHOD!! Using this techinque with the Zarr Elixir HairOil will boost your blood circulation and gets the blood flowing to the roots improving your hair growth.

Zarr Elixir HairOil consists of several organic ingredients (few of them i’m mentioning below) that have passed through tests and trials and are proven to grow your hair faster than your normal hair growth!! ZARR ELIXIR HAIROIL is very beneficial for girls whose wedding is just around the corner and for girls who want a faster hairgrowth. I’m mentioning few of our product ingredients below!
Pumpkin is the base oil and It has Vitamin B and fatty acids and essential nutrients that are proven for faster hairgrowth. Pumpkin also helps in reverse balding
🌰SWEET ALMOND OIL: This oil is known as the powerhouse of nutrients and makes the hair stronger and better. Helps in hairlosss as well!!
🥥COCONUT OIL: This very FAMOUS oil is known all around the world. This oil penetrates into the hair shaft very easy and acts as a carrier oil. Makes the texture of hair very smooth and softt!!
CASTOR OIL: This oil has anti bacterial and antifungus properties. It’s high in Vitamin E! Helps in fighting dandruff, stimulating hair growth!
PEPPERMINTOIL: Rejuvenates follicles and keeps your scalp healthy!